Causes of Addiction

These are some of the recognized causes of addiction.

  • Family history. Genetics explains 50 percent of whether an individual will develop an addiction.
  • Poor coping skill for dealing with stress.
  • Negative thinking, such as an all-or-nothing approach to life.
  • Underlying anxiety or depression.
  • Chronic pain, either emotional or physical.

Approximately 15 to 30 percent of addicts suffer from both addiction and underlying depression.[1, 2] The combination is sometimes called a dual diagnosis. Anxiety and depression can lead to addiction. Addiction can also cause anxiety and depression. People who have a dual diagnosis often use drugs and alcohol to escape the feelings of anxiety and depression. They have a repeating pattern of staying sober for a while and then relapsing when the feelings become overwhelming and they try to escape them. (Reference:


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Last Modified:June 12, 2018