Social Anxiety Disorder Test – SPIN Screen


Not At All (0)

A Little Bit (1)

Somewhat (2)

Very Much (3)

Extremely (4)

1. People in authority scare me.






2. I am bothered by blushing when I’m in front of people.






3. Parties and social events scare me.






4. I avoid talking to strangers.






5. Being criticized is one of my fears.






6. I try hard to avoid being embarrassed.






7. Sweating in front of people causes me distress.






8. I avoid going to parties.






9. I avoid being the center of attention.






10. Talking to strangers scares me.






11. I avoid giving speeches.






12. I try to avoid being criticized.






13.I am bothered by heart palpitations when I’m around people.






14. I am afraid of doing things when people might be watching.






15. Being embarrassed or looking stupid is one of my fears.






16. I avoid speaking to anyone in authority.






17. I am bothered by trembling or shaking when I’m in front of others






Your Score:

If your total score is 20 or more, you may meet the criteria for social anxiety disorder.
No single test is completely accurate. You should always consult your physician when making decisions about your health.


  • Connor, K. M., Davidson, J. R., Churchill, L. E., Sherwood, A., et al., Psychometric properties of the Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN). New self-rating scale. Br J Psychiatry, 2000. 176: p. 379-86.


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Reference: "I Want to Change My Life" by Dr. S. Melemis.

Last Modified:December 4, 2019